Using Social Networking Services is the Best

Way to utilize Social Media Marketing Platforms

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing also known as social media optimization, is the most powerful platform for product and service promotion. It’s the best medium to communicate with the right audience using various social media platforms.

Why Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization services is used convey the right message to your audience on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. It allows you to connect your brand with the audience using engaging graphics that include emotions.

Social Media Marketing
Using social media for marketing

Social Media for Marketing

Using social media for marketing is the most effective and fast way to make your brand go viral. You can share your business stories with millions of people at once via different social networking channels.

Why Social Media Marketing Services?

The purpose of implementing social media marketing services is to let people engage, comment on posts, tweets and content about your products and services. This gives you a chance to grow your number of leads and encourage positive conversion rates.

How do we look at Social Media Marketing?

Our team of social media marketing experts develops a fine social media strategy and creative thought process to help every brand connect with your target audience. We do a thorough analysis on the basis of the 4W’s:

  • Whom to target
  • Where to target
  • What to target
  • When to target
Using social media for marketing
“We always look to challenge our comfort zone by mapping unique Social Media strategies for every business.”

A Tailored Social Media Marketing Approach

We take a tailored approach that synchronizes with your specific website design while keeping other social media channels and web analytics in mind.

Going Social

By associating with Lore Digital you can be rest assure of reaching your target market and diverting referral traffic from social media to your website.

Lore Digital tailors your social media marketing

ROI For Social Media Marketing Services



Community Building

Community Building

User Engagement

User Engagement

Increase Social Traffic

Increase Social Traffic

Case Study : Social Media

Social Media For New England Fat Loss
268 %

Post Reach

187 %

Social Traffic

New England Fat Loss is a metabolic weight loss center in Massachusetts and Connecticut. They help people to lose weight without exercise or dieting. Experts at New England Fat Loss also advise people with tips and tricks on losing weight and keeping it off.

New England Fat Loss founded in August of 2015. Though it was a brand, people did not know about them. They lacked brand awareness and visibility. Branding was an essential for their business to grow. They wanted to be a known face amongst their target audience and wanted to create a unique identity for themselves so that people searching for weight loss would come to recognize them.

Lore Digital helped New England Fat Loss by providing social media strategy, amongst other targeted marketing initiatives. This strategy boosted their likes on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Thus, social traffic increased, and people started engaging with their content.

Social media
Lore Digital is the perfect Social Media Management Company
  • We analyze your current social media performance to determine the best social media service approach for your brand.
  • We, as social media consultants, understand the significance of informative data and its impact on social media channels.
  • We employ a variety of practices to offer a perfect balance between social media and affordable SEO services in Boston.
  • We shape your brand and watch it grow by evaluating current marketing trends and consumer demands.
  • We create social media marketing expert strategy that will focus on your target market to meet your goals.
  • We help you with online reputation management...that sets us apart from other social media marketing companies.