Digital Marketing Agency – Lore Digital Has Now Marked Its Presence In Boston, MA

"Our office has grown from a small start-up to a dedicated leader in the local business community. The websites we design connect businesses of every size with clients on every level.”

That’s how Vice President Lina Bifano describes her humble digital marketing agency. Lore Digital Marketing began as an affordable web design company in Sturbridge, MA, with a goal to provide small businesses in the area with a viable social media marketing strategy. It has since grown to a full-fledged local SEO company in MA that remains affordable yet can handle both small business and enterprise level clientele.

Lore employs a talented team of copywriters, designers, programmers, and marketers to create a powerful and personalized online presence for its clients. With an experienced team of experts led by President Sam Perry, Lore remains the best affordable digital marketing agency in MA that consistently builds attractive and responsive websites. As a pioneer in the Sturbridge business community, Lore’s local digital marketing services have shown substantial growth in a short period of time. In less than a year, Lore has honed its digital marketing solutions to a scope capable of serving Boston.

Supreme web designs, conversion-focused layouts, and responsive websites are the three areas of focus that make Lore the best web design company in MA. After consulting for several different industries throughout the years, Lore understands the background and demographics of the Bay State. As a result, the company has mastered identifying buyers’ personas of their clients. It utilizes this analysis for its affordable digital marketing solutions to increase traffic, leads, and sales. Lore also seeks to promote engagement with an accessible user interface in every website it creates. Boston will be the latest market to become a beneficiary of this focused engagement.

Lore understands that every business needs a strong foundation and a solid digital marketing solution to remain competitive. Instead of waiting in anticipation for new trends in technology, business owners should get ahead of the competition without spending excess capital. That’s the philosophy that has transformed Lore into the renowned, affordable SEO company in MA it is today. In 2016, the advertising and public relations industries are increasing their online platforms. Small businesses, especially, don’t always have the right tools for a successful social media marketing strategy. Boston is the biggest market available in MA. Lore is confident that its trained website design professionals will cover all of the city’s local digital marketing needs.

As the premier digital marketing agency in MA, Lore will also take initiative to guarantee cross-platform consistency between desktop and mobile devices. The company’s design team connects businesses with a customized mobile application service that reformats its websites to fit any screen, anywhere. This advantage is one of the many reasons Lore has maintained its online presence in the retail marketplace as an affordable digital marketing agency in MA. Lore has assembled a capable team ready to tackle website design for clients of any size or scale. The company aims to keep the Boston marketplace competitive with its modern, cutting-edge designs and social media marketing strategy.

Vice President Bifano also added, “SEO services make it easier for potential clients to discover a company they may have otherwise missed. Proper use of SEO increases website traffic and amplifies lead generation. This gives businesses a chance to convert more leads into customers and grow revenue at a faster pace. Now there are, of course, many times more businesses in Boston than in the Central MA area. This type of digital marketing solution is exponentially more useful in a larger market.”

One of Lore’s greatest success stories is a client called New England Fat Loss. New England Fat Loss operates a chain of metabolic weight loss centers in MA. When asked about the client’s transformation, Vice President Bifano commented, “Before working with Lore, New England Fat Loss had a presence in print media and radio, but it lacked a strong online presence. It also struggled with the accuracy of its monthly analytics. People weren’t visiting NEFL’s website, so not enough inquiries were getting generated and very few customers visited from online marketing channels. NEFL wanted to attract leads through its website. When NEFL needed an affordable digital marketing agency in MA, the company hired Lore. Lore researched every aspect of the weight loss industry and mapped a custom digital marketing strategy with NEFL’s business goals in mind. It started by creating a new website optimized for SEO. Understanding the client's target area, Lore selected a group of keywords that would maximize its returns. As a result, Lore delivered higher-than-expected returns on NEFL’s investment via organic visitors and lead generation.” Now, with that strategy in mind, Lore is now ready to join the Boston marketplace.

Lore Digital Marketing has served clients from several industries, ranging from independent mechanic shops and hair salons to major weight loss clinics and landscaping firms. Lore’s local digital marketing services in MA bring creativity, innovation, and simplicity to website design. The company’s motto is to help businesses solve complex marketing challenges with innovative, performance-driven, and affordable digital marketing solutions.


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