Why Online Marketing is Necessary for Travel Companies?

The rapid growth of the travel industry is giving rise to a boom in tourism which is quickly becoming one of the largest growing industries worldwide.  With easy access, via desktop computers and mobile devices, to information for all aspects of the tourist industry, from travel, accommodation, to activities and food, effective online marketing is the best way to reach a global audience instantly, at a very reasonable cost.  The etravel industry, with the help of various digital marketing channels is servicing more and more customers online especially through smartphone and tablet devices.  With the help of video, email, audio, or an article, online marketing can go viral for any given audience.

Increasing No. of Mobile Users:

As more and more people prefer to access the internet via their smartphone having a responsive website becomes a necessity. A recent study concluded that about 78% of business travelers use a smartphone during the trip planning process and 67% of people going on a tour, do research online before making any decision

To make the process smooth for the target audiences, many travel agents, hotel owners, and other travel professionals have turned to digital marketing agency. That doesn’t mean that traditional marketing methods have completely dropped off, but with the growing trend of consumers going online to make their travel plans, even making reservations, bookings and purchases online – more and more travel and tourist companies are turning to online marketing strategies to reach their target audience quickly and effectively.

Emerging Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services:

91% of the US population rely on a search engine to get information on any topic, including tourism.  The key to turning browsers into buyers is to have a state of the art Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website. SEO friendly websites attract the consumers attention: people tend to click on the website that is at the top of the search engine result page SERP. Therefore, making sure your website is at the top of the SERP becomes a prime objective. The Google algorithms that decide which website gets the top ranking on the SERP, are continually changing – therefore, to maintain top ranking the website needs to be continually optimized. Keeping quality content, properly researched and relevant keywords is very important,

To attract visitors to your website you must post engaging content. Engaging content invites consumers to stay on the website increasing the opportunity to turn browsers into buyers. When choosing keywords for the SEO it is most effective to use long tail keywords, this will provide more opportunities to match with searched words, for instance; “best places to visit in Worcester” or “things to do in Worcester” will bring up on the SERP the websites that have matches to individual words, the phrase or parts thereof. Simply using “visiting Worcester or “Worcester for visitors” will limit the matches.  It is not clever to just plant the keywords in your website as a way to maximize the SEO, instead; incorporate keywords into the text, with the aim of enhancing the relevance of your website content to users.

Effective Social Media Marketing Services:

Social media marketing has replaced a large section of traditional communication and is revolutionizing the tourism industry.  Consumers write reviews, publish photos and videos of their travel experiences, both on travel sites and their own Facebook page or blog etc.  The tourist industry and travel businesses create content for their websites, reviews and post blogs, create Pinterest, Twitter and Vimeo posts.  All generating marketing for the tourism and travel industry.  We have reached a new interactive era with faster internet connections, advances in web technologies and social media marketing platforms that allow information to go viral at the click of a button.  For the digital marketing agency, social media marketing platforms channel provides a very efficient, effective and inexpensive means of distributing information. Travel industries can take advantage of social media networking tools to help promote their business at low cost, attracting visitors to websites by generating interest in their products and services.

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