Web Design & Development Trends We’ll See in 2016

The main goal for a website design company in Worcester is to create the best user experience which can make them your return customers. The creative website design and development is a complex thing which involves perfection.

There are many website designers in Worcester, who simply make website without considering the latest market trends and then face the difficulty in getting the leads. Hit in the dark in not at all a good way for a business success.

Below are the detailed explanations of web design & development trends we’ll see in 2016.

Engage your consumers with interactive info graphics

People often use static info graphic for website design. Most of website Design Company in Worcester today focuses on the website designing and outlook part, which will create a new way to interact with the consumers. Info graphics provides an opportunity for consumers to take another action which can convert into leads.

Today, the world prefers to have visualized information as 80% people loves color visuals then just plain text. Consumers can get engage easily with the help of the info graphic content. It entertains users and creates an interest which can make them click for more.

The graphic designers use HTML5, FASH,CSS3, SVG elements helps people to read with an ease and provide consumer friendly environment which creates interest in the mind of the consumers.

Flat Design keeps your website simple

This user interface is in trend. You can find your website simple yet elegant. Flat design not only makes your website simple, it also increases the speed which gives the best user experience. Flat design is all about the creativity and innovation that makes your website impressive without the use of other elements like texture, shadow and gradients.

But you should always keep in mind that flat design doesn’t go with the entire industry website. It depends as per the industry for instance; flat interface is a great option for ecommerce website, start-ups or any technology company. But children loves animated or funny look and so the children’s hospital industry will prefer to have a website that could connect with the audiences.

Generally mobile users prefer the flat design website as they can easily find the bold buttons to click, user-friendly, clear typography in a well-optimized way. It makes easy to meet the consumers’ needs.

Longer scrolling offers an easy glance

People like website which is easy to skim with lots of visuals and quality content. Consumers generally avoids the website which are stuff with lot many web pages. Long scrolling websites are especially for mobile users, as to search for any kind of information 85% consumers prefer mobile. Parallax scrolling drives visitors with your products and services in a new way which helps business in gaining consumers attraction. It gives a unique scrolling experience to users with its 3D presentation.

For infinite scrolling, ecommerce is the perfect example as it provides all information quickly with an easy scrolling experience which is very much needed for an ecommerce website to give customers a great service. Filpkart is the best example for infinite scrolling.

Responsive design for every customer’s experience

The target audience for responsive website design mobile, tablet users. About 67% of people prefer mobile to purchase products or services. Many website design companies in Worcester still going with an old technique, competitors finds a good chance to take over your customers by providing the great services.

A responsive website design saves company’s time and money as they don’t have to design different websites for multiple devices.

For instance, A consumers have visit a website in an office, again when he opens the same website to view at home he can glance immediately through his mobile, as it was a responsive website which can be used for all devices.


A well-defined strategy is needed to meet with the consumers taste and demand. To beat the competitors you need to be aware of the latest website design trends that can attract consumers to your brand. These website and development trends will definitely meet your business goal in 2016.

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