The Importance of Digital Marketing for Business Growth

The digital age is upon us – laptop and desktop computers are commonplace – millions of consumers are now using smartphones, tablets and iPads etc. The traditional marketing mediums of print, billboards and screen media are giving way to digital and online marketing platforms. Marketing campaigns that just involve traditional mediums may completely miss the connected digital consumer. Effective marketing campaigns will use both traditional and digital marketing solutions. As digital technology advances, digital and online marketing strategies will take center stage, with traditional marketing reinventing itself to incorporate digital media to stay relevant. To engage current and future generations of consumers marketing campaigns will include the digital technologies and target relevant consumers with the help of digital marketing services like social media marketing, affordable SEO services and online ads.

Cost Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business:

A recent study reports that 28% of small business owners have shifted their marketing budget allocations from traditional media channels to digital online marketing tools and techniques. Research has shown that, when compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing solutions is the most cost effective per lead. According to 40% of respondents, they have considerably reduced their marketing costs by using digital marketing strategies for promoting their products and services.

Digital Marketing Targets Ideal Customers using Direct Message:

Digital marketing technology allows connected consumers to receive information directly to them and digital marketing platforms reach their target audience in real time, Consumers can then research and purchase products and services online, immediately if they care to. Online marketing has gone beyond email blasts, banner ads and pop-up ads: Internet marketing solution are constantly growing and evolving – FaceBook and Linkedin, have been joined by Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the recent innovations of Reddit, Google+ and Tumblr. Each connects with consumers on a personal level and provide their own unique marketing opportunity. A strong digital marketing services in Boston will develop customer engagement using the internet marketing platform that is most meaningful to the recipient, bringing your message direct to your target audience.

Digital Marketing Connects with the Mobile Consumer

Today, smartphones are a central part of life to Americans. At any given moment, about 91% of U.S. adults have their smartphones within easy reach. According to the Search Engine Land report of May 2015, consumers use their smartphone, more than their desktop, to search the internet. The smartphone in now the communication device of choice, followed by tablets, laptops and desktops respectfully. According to an eMarketer report, for millions of American’s today, their mobile device is the single most powerful medium that influences their purchasing decision. This information alone should be sufficient motivation to assuage any business owner doubting that digital marketing firm are the best option to realize future growth and expansion.

Digital Marketing Strategies Drives Conversion with Quality Content:

Content, as with traditional marketing, is the most important aspect of a digital marketing agency. To attract attention, the content must be informative, engaging, and entertaining to your consumers. Be it an article for a social media post or a blog, the content must always provide value to the consumer and create trust in their mind. Content is the foundation for a successful business buying cycle, it helps bring traffic to your website and converts browsers into customers. It also feeds search engines by keeping your brand identity among the crowd online, competing with your business. Providing quality content is a very effective means for any business, to consistently drive new sales.

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