Google to Punish Non-Mobile Friendly Websites. Are You Safe?

The news of Mobilegeddon is getting hot day by day; the algorithm got hit by Google on 21st April 2015, as from now onwards Google will prefer mobile friendly website, which will get a higher rank in the search engine than any other websites which is non-mobile friendly website.

Google has taken this step forward taking into consideration millions of people who prefer smartphones/tablets much more than a PC, and the numbers are still in a tremendous progress.

According to Emarketer, in 2015 about 1.91 billion users will use smartphones worldwide, and it will surpass 2 billion in 2016, which is already getting close this year, and in the coming future that is by 2018, at least one-third of the consumers will use smartphones worldwide.

As smartphones has become the main source to get the information for millions of people. Google have announced to reward all those mobile friendly websites who has given this best experience to their customers.

The Problems business will face for not having mobile friendly websites

As Google has announced to revise the mobile search algorithm, there are many questions that will arise in every business people mind those websites are not mobile friendly, “Is it vital to have a mobile friendly website, as SEO doesn’t matter to some of the industries?

The answer is “YES”. Even though you are least bother about SEO, it is still important to have a mobile friendly website, because of the dramatic shift of people towards the mobile devices.

As per fortune 500 mobile friendly survey which is being reported by techcrunch, it has been observed that about 44% of fortune 500 companies website failed to produce a mobile friendly website. With the rapid change of mobile devices needs in the consumer behaviour, it has become very important to have a responsive web design for the mobile devices users, and so Google is publishing all the information about how new Google algorithm will favor mobile friendly websites over non mobile friendly.

The world is moving rapidly to smartphones and tablets over PC, almost half US traffic comes through mobile devices and the percentage is just increasing day by day, as many young crowds prefers smartphones these days to study, for online shopping, listing music, at the time of travelling and for many more.

Today B2B executives also prefer to work from smartphones/tablets, the advantage in this is that can even get connect and interact with their audiences apart from their normal business hours. As per IDC 2014 Global mobile survey, about 92% business executives prefer their own mobile phone for the business process and 77% to research about products and services for their business.

The consumers will avoid a website which is not mobile friendly, as future is coming with many upcoming technologies and changes and so they will always opt for the best option, which will make them feel great.

Trending technologies

With chrome push notification-mobile websites will be more like app for android users

Google is coming with a new application i.e. mobile technology website will act mainly for the android users. They will be able to see all the updates and news of the websites with the help of the push notifications added to chrome, and the most interesting part is, it will take the users directly to the homepage of the website instead of an app with the provided option “Add to home screen” a new feature from Google, for the websites frequently visited by the visitors. But here the users still have to “opt in” before website can send them any message.

Google have come up with chrome42 to make developers task little bit easy, so that they can deeply engaged consumers by providing them exciting mobile technology web experience by sending push notifications directly from websites, as well as building up more quality visited sites to the consumers’ home screen by giving them an option of “Add to home screen.”  This way developer doesn’t need to decide between the engagement potential of a native app and the reach of a mobile website.

Benefits of technologies to business

Web app less expensive than native app:
Building an application includes development cost. It is the most expensive thing compare to any other responsive design or web app which is a cross-platform. Web based apps are only a build once solutions.

Works for all the devices:

The main advantage of responsive design website is that it works for multiple devices, developers needs to build a web app only once and it will be ready to use for multiple devices including a smart TV.

Web App Saves time:

Whatever changes/updates needs afterwards, will be automatically done at the same time for multiple devices. It saves more time than a native application which is a time consuming process to build an application for different devices and update individually for all, if in case it is no longer working in any of the devices like iPhone, windows, android etc.

No more deleting your web app like app store:

Consumers who prefer mobile for their daily use, goes for multiple apps for their interest but as it provides the limited opportunity to store the apps, forcing them to delete the apps. Thus it shortens the life of any of the native app. On other side web based app users can add as many mobile websites to their homepage as they want, and so it won’t disappear in few years, as the web is the only constant. Thus, they choose the platform that will last.

Search Engine Optimization:

The great benefit of responsive website or any web app comes with the help of SEO. As a great content with a quality website will hit the page ranking in the Google search engine result. It will allow the mobile friendly website to get served with their products and services in front of maximum visitors who comes with a need. Thus it helps in improving the mobile responsive website for the best user experience.

Change in Technology, Change in Marketing Process

Even with the change in the technologies, and the continuous updates, now a day there is a huge change as how the marketers do marketing.

When you come across with any new thing, it becomes vital for any business to adapt it and make changes in the marketing strategies to survive and lead in the e-business world. With the fastest growing advance technologies many players have adopted digital marketing to connect and interact with the consumers.

Here the biggest challenge is converting the legacy system for mobile, people find it difficult at times to adapt the huge change, as many people use the old legacy software’s for years, and sudden change makes things complex for them to understand and implement it.

It is vital to stay up-to- date with the new and relevant information from time to time, the organization should keep pace with the continuous changing demand and the complex challenge that come with the digital revolutions, which will lead into digital transformation.

Industries which needs mobile friendly website development

As per the previous discussion, smartphones adoption is rapidly increasing, and so the change of customers process of consuming the products and services. Still there are many industries like healthcare, finance that needs to have a mobile friendly websites in order to increase the traffic.

SEO is an important factor for to rank the websites with the help of the quality content for some of the industries. It is very necessary to adopt the changes, as there is a vast development in the percentage of the consumers who use smartphones, as it is tremendously overtaking desktop. Thus, mobile search will soon overtake the desktop search in the future.

The consumers have started searching for an easy way of communicating with the markets and the trends that is moving like a storm and mobile friendly websites is making it easier to do that. Observing youngsters with the smartphones will force many resistance industries to adapt the responsive website design for mobile in future.


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