Digital Marketing Tips for Restaurants to Win Food Lovers!

Online marketing for restaurant is a must to win the heart of food lovers. As the more they visualize the more they gets attract towards it. People love the word restaurant as it gives them lots of mouth-watering memories. Customers don’t easily forget the restaurant those who always take care of consumers taste considering them as a family.

For restaurant digital marketing is a great communication channel for consumers, it creates a new opportunity for both consumers and restaurateurs as interaction becomes far easy. It comes in many ways, like it can be just an image, a tagline or a breath-taking content; people love visual communications, which force food lovers to make a crazy return to your restaurant.

Mobile digital marketing is vital in today’s generation, as about 90% people use smartphone with social apps in mobiles or tablets. Many digital marketing companies make a strong digital marketing strategy for mobile to gain the consumers.

See how you can win your consumers through all the digital marketing channels for restaurants, which can create a long lasting impression in the consumers mind. An effective digital marketing strategy for restaurant industry is very much required for providing the best customer service.

Restaurant website is a door for every consumer:

As per the study goes, 89% diners prefer to get all the information online about a restaurant before experiencing it. The traditional days are gone, now people study about each and every restaurant properly before investing money into it. The consumers are getting smarter, and they spend almost an hour daily to educate themselves more about any products or services.

There are few points which Restaurateurs need to consider in marketing terms before designing the website:

  • The next generation prefer the website with the latest used technologies. Today 90% world are online, they search for any kind of information be it current news, location, or for booking party premises, consumers always consider smartphones, tablets, desktop as their best friends who can give proper guidance
  •  Consumers always come to your restaurant website with some expectations which is very necessary to get fulfil in order to attract millions of visitors. And so it is very important to have responsive website design with an inevitable content for the customers to convert leads into your future customers.
  • In today’s world every one looks for online products. They prefer the best online restaurant shop for their favourite food. The restaurants food image communicates 80% with the consumers which provides a restaurant an opportunity to increase the traffic and helps in making a profitable business

SEO marketing for restaurant to rank at the top:

About 90% consumers prefer search engine if any needs arises. And so it is vital for any restaurant website to rank top of the search engine to reach million of consumers at a same time.

Search engine loves user friendly content which focuses more on targeted customers. The content, be it in any form like visual content which includes images to attract more consumers to the website, descriptive content to interact with the consumers through all the social media platforms, creative content for a hot and happening events which will create a curiosity to know more about your website.

The proper and relevant keywords analysis play an important role to appear specific keyword in the search engine, which can properly display your products and services and in terms of specific geographic location, along with the quality content, which is in the priority list of the algorithm.

Let’s invite consumers for dinner through social media:

Undoubtly, social media is a great platform to attract the customers’ attention, and offer them with delicious menus and invitations. Creating brand awareness is the necessity for any restaurant, be it existing or new one. Social media channels provide an opportunity to introduce your brand to the customers with all new products and services, this excites customer to hang out and enjoy at your door.

Let’s have a look on the following social media platforms which helps restaurateurs to reach food lovers:


Let’s go in a restaurant for a party. Woo!! What strikes you the most? Lots of food on the table, right?  It is the human nature; people always love the combination of visuals images and content more than just a plain and boring text.

  • Facebook has a great option to use the cover images free, for your business promotion, with lots of food images. Consumers finds interesting when any business website use lots of images which attracts them towards it.
  • Facebook is a great social media platform to share the offers and deals with your customers. Facebook creates an opportunity for a brand to get connected with your consumers as shares and likes on the Facebook gets viral within a second.
  • It is a best place to share your restaurants videos with ambiance, staff services, varieties of foods, the kitchen cleanliness, chefs plans and preparations for cooking etc. which creates an excitement in the customers to visits your restaurant for experience.
  • It feels awesome when consumers gets connected with your brand and leave a comment or share views about your restaurant which is very useful for your restaurant marketing, example: “Feeling fresh / enjoying with my friends @LOREhotel”

Restaurants need appealing images to gain the consumers’ attention and here the social media provides the best platform to every restaurateur with Instragram to share food menu images. You can communicate with your consumers easily through Instagram.

  • Today hash tags are in trend as lot many people have got addicted to it, many business use it to promote their brand a quickest source to get viral within a second. For instance, in the case of a national food day, the hash tag will become as #nationalfoodday, for the awareness of national food day festival, and you can mention the same with your restaurant post with a hashtag.
  • If you are targeting location oriented people, than the hash tag can be used as per specific location. For example: If you are selling in Worcester, than it will become #Worcestereats to boost the traffic and engage the similar crowds that will love to knock your door.
  • People often gets connect with the images especially when it is related to you or your story. You can share photos of your restaurants environment like staffs having fun or any restaurants celebration; this creates an excitement and connects the customers with your restaurant. This also reflects that you appreciate your employees and provide services to fulfil customers’ expectations.

Food is a much debated topic on twitter platform; with 140 characters limitations you can promote your restaurant to gain huge traffic at a time, twitter is a great digital marketing tool for restaurants. You can communicate easily with your customers by sharing a link and a relevant hash tag to it. Restaurant people love this platform to share all business related information through images and content which connects and increase your followers online.

  • Twitter is best platform to share content with images; most of these shares attracts the visitors and make a unique position among millions of competitors.
  • The best marketing strategy is to tweet about the special offers or share some great coupons during office hours, it will display at your followers feed the moment you tweet on your twitter profile. And the use of hash tags, @mentions – is the easiest way to make your content reach them.
  • It is vital to target the relevant audience, before making digital marketing strategy for restaurants, the ads should be more focus towards the particular area. Geo target ads gain great response, comments and likes, which helps to reach consumers quickly.

I’m pretty sure that you have enjoyed this article journey. Did you have ever tried using the above mentioned digital marketing platforms to win your customers heart? Or you are still confused with your decision? The competition in food industry is increasing day by day; ignoring digital marketing for restaurant is like a death sentence in this online world. The well-planned and stand-out digital marketing plan for restaurants provides the reality for your dreams, so that you can achieve success to make your restaurant world top place to hang out which makes your business a big shot.


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