B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for Customer Engagement & Lead Generation Process

Today, most of the B2B companies are facing major challenges. The challenges are to generate quality leads to increase the business ROI. B2B companies seek for effective B2B marketing strategies. Strategic B2B marketing helps to increase relevant traffic, customer engagement, and qualified leads.

As per the study, the most important sources for B2B Lead Generation are:

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • National/Local SEO

  • Online Display Ads.

Today, more consumers prefer searching products or services online for their needs or requirements. B2B internet marketing has become more effective for small and large scale business. Brand awareness and lead generation increase with the help of digital marketing strategy.

Build Stories with Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the most preferred source for B2B. According to B2B companies, it will be the most significant digital tactic in the future. Creative content always engages prospects and customers that lead to conversion. For more customer engagement, today B2B companies are seeking services from digital marketing agencies. They look for services for B2B content marketing strategies. It is not only great for search engine rankings but also good for B2B companies. You can drive quality traffic to your website. And visitors will keep coming back for more.

The aim of any B2B companies is to generate leads with an effective B2B marketing strategy. And so, most of the B2B companies are investing on Content Marketing to increase the business ROI. B2B companies track the content marketing related activities before investing. They keep a track through marketing automation technologies or customer relationship management.

According to a survey, content marketing generates sales leads 3 times more than traditional. This survey is for B2B companies. B2B companies share their content via blogs, webinars, videos, whitepapers and case studies. This helps to gain visibility and relevant customers to your brand. A well thought out leadership content is a great way to drive future customers to increase a lead funnel. The audience finds leadership content more meaningful and engaging.

Create Buzz with Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media Marketing Services

Creating content will not drive the traffic and relevant leads for your business. But sharing the content at the right place will increase visitors to your website. Business to business digital marketing strategy includes social media strategy. These strategies target relevant customers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Targeting relevant customers are quite effective for lead generation and conversion. Effective social media marketing strategy provides consumers with relevant information at the right time.

There are different B2B marketing strategies for different social media channels. Audience visits a particular platform to get a particular information. For example, LinkedIn caters to business. It is a platform where you can find different business professionals in one place. LinkedIn will help you in exploring B2B opportunities. According to a survey, 80% of all B2B’s social media leads comes from the LinkedIn network.

Many B2B companies are adopting digital marketing strategy. As it delivers 61% cheaper costs per leads than traditional marketing. The B2B marketing strategy helps in reaching target audience using the right platform. It helps to convert your struggling business into a profitable business. Many businesses, posts 80% content through social media channels. These posts are meaningful, entertaining and informational. Thus, creating audience engagement and generating customer interaction. This helps in a better conversation rate.

Build Email List to Deliver the Best Solution

B2B Email Marketing


B2B Email marketing strategy is an effective way to reach out to prospective customers.  Many businesses consider email marketing an efficient way to reach their target audience. With the help of B2B email marketing list, you can provide solutions to many industries. Your first email content should not sell your products or services. Instead, you can provide some value to other industry brands. How? By sending e-books, white papers, webinars, case studies, infographics, and videos. This way the audience will be able to relate things. They can refer to it while making business decisions.

Email marketing is the most effective channel for B2B lead generation. The benefit of email marketing is that it is a low-cost marketing channel. Still, the most powerful channel to deliver ROI for a business success. A conversion takes place only when there is a consistent interaction with your subscribers. Interaction with the help of special offers, exclusive content or event information.

There is no magic. Only the B2B digital marketing strategy should be innovative, well-planned, and consumer focused. With the help of the B2B digital marketing, you can create brand awareness and attract new leads. You can become a top industry expert solution provider for your customers. Give a call to LORE Digital today! And generate leads with an effective B2B digital marketing strategy!

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