7 Top Benefits of Pinterest for Retail Business

To find & retain new customers every time, which is the most difficult process for a retailer. Implementing marketing strategy and doing product promotion plays a vital role to reach your target audience. Apart from using all social media channels like Facebook, twitter and many others, retailers making with a new online marketing channel named Pinterest.

25% Pinterest traffic is from retailers. Pinterest is the best platform to promote your store product than other social media channels. Retailers can use Pinterest to share their business product images, videos and personalized business information. You can create a large virtual white board once you signed in to make promotion of your product images, videos and infographics with easiness to change eventually based on any event or festival.

There should be a proper social media marketing strategy with the team of experts for an effective promotion on Pinterest. To use Pinterest effectively you can target with the following process for your e-Commerce business:

1.Feature Visual Content:

Create beautiful and attractive images with real time information; suppose you are in a business of women online store, including their outfits, shoes and accessories then you can put something like,

2.Create relevant Pinterest board name:

Name your board with categories, subcategories of product, new arrivals, best sellers etc. For example in a business like selling women’s apparel, you can create a board name like “Women’s Tops”

3.Most Important:

You can also include your online business resource link on pin boards. For instance: If you have apparel business and you need to sell out your Ladies shirt product – then to gain traffic you can use a marketing strategy like your product details page link on the Pinterest image, so that whenever any interested customer will interact with your image, he/she will land to your website directly. You can also put “Pinterest button” on any product detail page to directly Pin it from the website.

4.Use Hashtags:

You can hashtags on Pinterest , similar like Google and twitter. Retailers can use Hashtags to tag their pins and make their content more friendly and viral for the users.

5.Use Rich Pins feature:

Pinners always seek for something interesting on Pinterest, whenever they meet with their expectations they immediately take an action, and so pins are getting better with updated details like prices, availability, movie reviews, and ingredients etc.

6.Post your Pinterest account in your emails, websites to target your customers.

7.Include hyperlinks in all your brochures, fliers, mails & other social networking platform.


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